coat: zara (similar from F21) || top: forever 21 || pants: forever 21 || booties: forever 21 || hat: forever 21

I have been seeing this style everywhereeeeeeeee on Instagram, and I low-key love it! At first, I didn’t think it was my style, nor did I think I could pull it off, and I actually love this outfit!

The great thing about this outfit is, (besides the jacket) it is all from Forever 21!

I always find great trendy items from Forever 21, especially online, because they have so much more on their website vs in stores.



I found this jacket at Zara, and honestly it was worth every single penny! I see these types of coats everywhere, and I knew when I tried it on in the store and felt how warm it was I was sold! Yes, it was pretty pricey, but this jacket will last me forever, and ill pay for warmth all day everyday! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact coat, because Zara’s website is so freaking confusing, BUT I did link a similar one I found on Forever 21 for legit half the price!



These pants are $17.90….$17.90!!! That is such a great price, for such great quality pants! I really don’t like to spend too much money on “trendy” items, because they usually are trendy for very long! Pro tip: spend your money on expensive purchases for staple items like jeans, jackets, etc. and try and find sales and deals for trendy items that aren’t timeless! I got a medium, because they were the only ones left in store, and I didn’t want to pass up the great deal of these pants, but if I could I would rather have a size small!



I was so hesitant on buying this hat for weeks, because I didn’t know if A I liked the new trend, and B if I could pull it off! I found this suede black cabby hat at Forever 21, and decided to say screw it, and try the trend out! The hat was only $15, so if I ended up not liking the trend I wouldn’t feel too bad about not wearing it! BUT HONESTLY, I actually really love this hat! I am currently searching for a brown one to go with other outfits. One thing I love about fashion is experimenting with different looks and styles; sometimes they don’t work out, and sometimes they do!



Not much to say about this top, except its a stable piece! This a plain white knitted top, and can be layered under tops for more warmth and/or paired with anything basically: jeans, plaid pants, skirts, shorts, anything! I found this top in stores at Forever 21, and tried to find the exact online, but I couldn’t so I linked a similar one!



I picked up these suede beige booties up from Forever 21 over the summer, and I’m so glad I bought them! They are so comfortable, and I get so much use out of them! I mostly own brown and black boots, so it was nice to switch it up and have a lighter pair of shoes for more options with my looks! You can buy them from Forever 21 for less than $35, and are absolutely worth it!



I hope y’all enjoyed this outfit and this post! I love breaking out of my comfort zone, and trying new things in life, and fashion is a perfect way to do that! Don’t be afraid to try new things, and just live life!

xo, N