All About My Hair- Being Blonde

Blondes are more fun, right? 🙂
Today’s post is about my hair, and how I got to be where I am today!

So a little background story about my hair:
I was always a blonde most of my younger life, until around high school. I wanted to go brown around Sophomore year. Then once I went to college, freshman year, I decided to dye my hair jet black (with box dye). I know, I know….. box dye is soooo bad for your hair, and I actually regret using boxed dye. Dying my hair black was fun for about 3 days, until it started to fade, and I had to touch it up every 2 weeks. I loved it, but I don’t think it was the best color for my skin tone. Having black hair definitely washed me out.

Around Sophomore year of college, I started dying my hair back to dark brown instead of black, since it was easier to upkeep.

Then the process of going blonde started Junior year, when I discovered Mimi’s Salon!
(Scroll up to see my progress pictures from the beginning to now!)

Mimi’s Salon is a salon in Belmar, New Jersey. They are a regular hair salon, but they specialize in hairpainting. Hairpainting is a similar painting technique to balayage. The result is a head of naturally looking highlights without foils!
Check out @mimissalon on Instagram to see all the stylists’ works!!

When I first found out about Mimi’s Salon, I knew they were the perfect salon to get me to my desired blonde shade since their work is amazing! There are several stylists at Mimi’s Salon, and they are all amazing at what they do, but my stylist is Allie! Even though Mimi’s Salon specializes in hair painting, the stylists can basically do anything! From hair painting vivid colors, dark colors, reds, to badass braids and hairstyles, cuts, mens’ haircuts, legit anything! So if you aren’t interested in going blonde, you can still go there, and have the hair you always dreamed of having!
Check out her work on Instagram! @allievilla

Allie is a hair painter, and the owner of Mimi’s Salon. I am sooooooooooooooooo picky about my hair, and I don’t let just anyone touch, or especially dye and cut my hair. Allie is so amazing at what she does, and is such a sweetheart! I definitely recommend her if you check out Mimi’s salon.

The process of me getting to be my desired blonde, (which I’m not sure if I’m there yet) but I am finally a blonde, and it took almost a year in a half/ 2 years from jet black hair to blonde hair. Now… this is such an important topic with hair stylists. Don’t expect to walk into Mimi’s Salon or any professional salon with jet black hair and ask for bleach blonde hair, and expect to get it in 1 session, it’s not possible.
Allie and the rest of the stylists at Mimi’s Salon believe that sessions are so important to keep your hair healthy.

My hair is absolutely so healthy, and not dead at all even after bleaching. Along with Allie’s care to my hair, I also use other products to maintain my healthy hair!
I do coconut oil masks about 2 times a month to keep it super moisturized, healthy, and shiny! Alls I do is warm the coconut oil in the jar with warm water from the sink. I apply the oil everywhere to my DRY hair, and sleep with it in over night, or keep it in atleast for 2 hours. Then the next morning, I shampoo twice to get the coconut oil out, and then condition like I would normally.

When I don’t feel like doing a mask, I use the Marrakesh Oil Hair Styling Elixir. I use this at night after I shower. I focus it mostly on the ends of my hair but will distribute it throughout my hair. It has Argan Oil, and Hemp Seed oil in it. It leaves my hair super silky and smooth!!

For days when my hair is oily, I said in my last post in my Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial post, I told you guys my favorite dry shampoo is Batiste Dry Shampoo!

For shampoo and conditioner, I use purple shampoo and conditioner! This stuff is a god sent for all my blondies out there!! When your hair is looking a little brassy, this stuff tones your hair, and takes away the brass!

My favorite purple shampoo and conditioner line is Pravana The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo and Conditioner. I have tried multiple purple shampoos and conditioners, but I only noticed a noticeable difference when I used the Pravana line! For extra conditioning, I use the Pravana The Perfect Blonde Masque, which is my favorite out of all three of them!!

Overall, I love my blonde hair!! I am so happy I started the process to go blonde 2 years ago. I think for me, I look so much better blonde. It gives me more dimension in my hair, while giving me life, instead of black hair washing me out! I hope you all enjoyed my post about the Blonde Hair Life, and join the “light” side 😉