My Bedroom- All About My Room Decor

Hi guys!! Today’s post is all about My Bedroom and my room decor!
Christmas is over, and my room was feeling empty. I felt inspired to hit up Target to spice up my room a little without breaking my bank account! I posted a Youtube video on a Target Home Decor Haul, but I decided to make a post about my room that goes more in depth, and including links to the items! I love the “Pinterest Inspiration” theme for my bedroom, so I decided to go along with that theme. I created a little DIY hanging plant table, and bought some home decor pieces. If you guys didn’t know Target is legit the best place to shop for home decor! A) they legit have everything you could ever possibly want B) it is super affordable! Target always releases new home decor each season, and I make sure to hit Target up every chance I can get (especially for Christmas).

Read below if you would like to see where my bedroom decor is from!

Target home decor items

1) Pink Faux Fure Throw Pillow– I have been looking for the perfect mauve-toned throw pillow for forever! West Elm had one, although it was super expensive! I finally found one at the holy land, Target!
Here are some other options of fluffy throw pillows!
White Fluffy Throw Pillow Grey Fluffy Throw Pillow Another White Faux Fur Throw Pillow

2) Artificial Plant– I love adding greenery into any room! Having plants around give the room such life, and it brightens the room as well. I do have real plants in my room on my DIY hanging plant stand, but I also wanted an artificial one so I don’t have to maintain it as much! If you are someone who can’t keep plants alive, artificial plants are the way to go! Target always has great options of plants, go check them out!

3) Patterned Candle– I always have to have candles in my room, NO MATTER WHAT! I legit have a drawer just for my candles in my room! When I went to Target, I was searching for a minimalist-patterned candle. I found the perfect one!
Check out some of my other favorite candles with amazing designs!
Candle Option #1
Candle Option #2

4) Black and White Rug– When I saw this rug in Target, I instantly died inside!! It legit has “Pinterest Vibes” written all over it. I thought this would be perfect to go on the side or the end of bed to give it that boho/Pinterest feel to my bedroom! It is super soft, and so inexpensive!

5) Tan Fedora Hat– I saw this hat on, (which by the way is one of my favorite clothing sites ever). I thought having a boho hat hanging on my wall would give it the boho/Pinterest vibes I was looking for! Not only can it be a wall decor piece, but also a clothing accessory to any outfit!
Same Hat just in Grey!

6) Grey and White Faux Fur Oversized Throw Pillow– I discovered these oversized faux fur pillows at Target in their Christmas Home Decor section. I love faux fur throw pillows! (Hence the reason why I have 3 on my bed). These are the perfect oversized pillows to give my bed some dimension with size and color. Also, I couldn’t just buy one, I had to run back to Target, and buy a second one. Tehe!
Click Here for another Grey Faux Fur Throw Pillow option!

7) Marquee Letter– I have had this marquee letter for a while now. It fits in perfectly with my new room decor! Marquee letters are such an easy way to add a personal touch to any room!

8) My Exact White Ruffle Bedding– I always end up choosing a white comforter for my room. It makes it easier on myself and my wallet for when I get bored of my room. MONEY SAVING TIP: Having a neutral-colored comforter allows you to add pops of color to your room through blankets, pillows, or wall decor. It makes it easy to switch up your room’s color schemes without having to do that by buy a whole new comforter.
Similar White Ruffled Comforter

9) Side Table Lamp– I always need a table lamp for nights of reading or Netflix binges! Target always has amazing lamp options whether you have a simple, glamorous, boho, or college dorm vibe to your room!
Another Lamp Option-Copper

10) Pink Throw Blanket One of my favorite colors is a mauve-toned pink. I incorporated this color not only with my throw pillow, but with my throw blanket. I always love throw blankets, not only to give the bed a bit of warm and character, but for me to use when I don’t feel like messing up my entire bed to be warm.

11) Gold Picture Frame– I instantly knew I needed this for my wall when I saw it in Target. What completely sold me on this picture was the picture inside the frame. Yes, the picture you see on the wall is the default picture found in the frame. It worked out perfectly! It is a picture of Route 66 with mountains in the background, how more perfect could it get! Picture frames and pictures in your room is another great way to add a personal touch by displaying pictures of your loved ones or pictures of yourself!

12) Demarlos Upholstered Queen Bed and Demarlos Side Table– Lastly, we can’t forget my bed! My sophomore year of college, I finally got an upgrade from the twin bed I’ve had my entire life (It was time for a big girl bed). I’m obsessed with the rustic simplicity of the design, and it goes great with any color scheme since it is neutral color!

DIY Hanging Table

This Pinterest-Inspired DIY Hanging Table that I made for my plants was super easy!! Alls I did was buy a Pre-made Circular Piece of Wood from Home Depot, yarn, and some cute plants!

You have the option of staining the piece of wood to match your room, but I kept it the way it was. Then what you want to do is cut about 50, 3.5 yards pieces of yarn or depending on the height of your ceiling (Don’t worry it took me about 10 minutes, I did it while I was watching tv)

Then once the 50 pieces are cut (for stability), tie a knot in the center of the bundle of yarn. This is will be the centerpiece of the table. Then divide your yarn into 4 equal sections (it should look like an X).
You could keep it this way, or braid the 4 pieces to give it texture, which is what I did. Then once they are all braided you want to secure the 4 parts at the end of the strands with a big knot, so you can hang it from your wall. And your done! It took me total 30 minutes, which isn’t bad at all!

Another piece I knew I wanted on my wall was a Wall Grid. Urban Outfitters has awesome copper wall grids, but also super expensive! Before I fully commit to that purchase, this encouraged me to have a little DIY sesh and make my own! From far away it looks like something I’d buy from Urban or Target, but it is actually one of those locker dividers you can buy at Staples. Alls I did was spray paint it white, since it was originally bright blue. In the future I hope to own a copper wall grid, but this will definitely do for now!

I added some of my favorite things to my wall grid. I added one of my favorite pictures of Cash from our Mexico trip, a quote that I hope to live by always (Collect moments, not things), and a picture I found of the mountains in Utah (since mountains are one of my favorite things).

Overall, Target is a great place to spice up your room, without completely wiping your wallet clean. WARNING: Trust me, once you go to Target you will be sucked in forever! I hope you all enjoyed my blog post about My Bedroom and My Decor!