“It’s Christmas time in the cityyyyyyyy” Legit sing this song non stop every year I go to NYC ahaha


One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is going to New York City! There is just something about it: The beautiful Christmas lights on the buildings, the roasted chestnuts smell lingering down the streets, the hustle and bustle, and walking snowy Central Park with a hot chocolate in hand! I am DEFINITELY not a city person, but the only time I really do love NYC is around Christmas time!

I actually decided that I wanted to go to New York City strictly for blog post reasons and some content, but my mom and I made a little NYC trip out of it!

top: H&M || bottoms: H&M || jacket: Charlotte Russe || booties: TJ Maxx || cabby hat: Forever 21 || sunglasses: SojoS vision || bag: Free People


First stop on the day trip to New York City was Brooklyn, NY! Ive always seen and heard wonderful things about Brooklyn, (my love for Gossip Girl might have something to do with it) but never made it across the bridge any time I visited Manhattan. This time I wanted to go there first to walk the bridge! If you guys didn’t know, the top level of the Brooklyn Bridge is made for pedestrians to walk across it, and the bottom level is for the cars. There was a quick and easy little stairway that led straight up to the Brooklyn Bridge! The view was incredible, and I highly recommend walking the bridge if you are visiting Brooklyn: its a must!

This outfit was perfect, and I wasn’t cold at all surprisingly!! You can’t see, but I actually wore layers underneath my sweater, and jeans for extra warmth! That is always a tip for me, I always wear long sleeve undershirts, and leggings underneath my jeans for extra warmth, and it worked perfectly (except my hands, they froze, they froze hard).

This entire outfit is super affordable! This fur coat that looks expensive as hell was only $30 from Charlotte Russe! The embellished jeans were on sale for $20 from H&M! The trendy cabby hat that I am wearing was $12 from Forever 21! This embellished sweater from H&M is on sale currently for $29.99! The booties, which are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn and highly recommend for looking cute/being comfortable, are from Dr Scholls and I found them at TJ Maxx! I got my sunglasses off of Amazon for less than $10! And of course, I had to finish the look off with something from Free People (its my favorite).


Once we were done in Brooklyn, we headed over the bridge, and tried to find a parking garage to park in, because driving in New York City is a freaking nightmare!! PRO TIP: don’t be like me, take the train into New York City, it takes you right next to Madison Square Garden, and it so much better than driving around! While we were trying to find parking, we came across a restaurant I had fallen in love with from seeing pictures on Instagram, and I told my mom about it before we came to New York City, so of course we had to stop and find a parking spot! Rolf’s German Restaurant is CHRISTMAS GOALS!! We waited outside in a long line to get in and get a table for about an hour, because reservations were booked until after Christmas, but it was so worth it! Even though 2 glasses of Gluhwein (mulled wine) was $34, the atmosphere was beyond beautiful, just look at the pictures!!

Once I was stuffed with German food & mulled wine, we decided to walk around and look at all the Christmas lights on the buildings! My favorite were the Christmas lights on Saks 5th Avenue building right across the street from Rockefeller Center! Once we were done walking 5th Avenue, and looking at the lights, I had to do some shopping! Of course, since we were at Rockefeller Center, I had to go across the street, and go into the Free People! I fan girled the entire time I was in that store, because damn it was a nice store!! Before we left Rockefeller Center, I had to get chocolate. My deep obsession with Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels is real, so my mom and I went to our favorite chocolate shop: Teuscher Chocolates, which is right near the Channel Gardens where you can watch the light show on the Saks 5th Avenue building!

Once were were done shopping, we headed to Bryant Park, which is right near Rockefeller Center, and walked around the Christmas market they have each year! I didn’t get any pictures, because by that time, but hands were too numb to even worry about my phone or camera!

dress: Forever 21 || hat: Forever 21 (another option) || belt: Topshop || tights: Urban Outfitters || booties: TJ Maxx

So funny story about these 2 pictures above…. I decided to include these 2 pictures in this post, because they are in Brooklyn, BUT they are not from the same day we went. This was actually a couple days after we went to NYC. Cash texted me on Wednesday, and told me he was about 2 1/2 hours away (he’s regularly 6 hours away) for work, and he was staying overnight! So of course since he was “close” I decided to drive up there after work! Since he was staying right outside of Yonkers, NY, I had to pass right by NYC/Brooklyn! I brought an outfit to shoot, and went to Brooklyn on my way home the next day! This outfit definitely isn’t as practical as the one I wore to NYC a couple days before that, but I thought this red dress (that is less than $20 from Forever 21) looked amazing with the contrast of the Brooklyn/Manhattan Bridge! This “photoshoot” lasted a good 15 minutes, because my hands became numb to the point they were bright red, and I couldn’t press the buttons on my camera ahahah, so I went home! (At least I got 2 shots out of it!) Brooklyn, I will explore you more one day, when I’m not dying of frost bite!


I hope y’all enjoyed this New York City blog post/outfit idea, and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

xo, N



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  1. Barbi
    December 24, 2017 / 1:41 am

    I had a great day with you in Brooklyn/NYC. NYC knows how to make the holiday magical.

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