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I’m back!

I am so happy to start my blog back up! It was definitely hard to keep up with it, and get content while being in college, but now that I graduated, I am going to be consistent with posting again!

There is no better way to kick off the start of my blog again with a fashion post! I found this entire outfit at Forever 21! The trick to staying trendy is to find inexpensive pieces! The idea is to splurge on items that are always going to be in style like jeans, sweaters, boots etc, and spend less on the trendy items, because they will eventually not be trendy.

I already owned a denim dress before I bought this one, but the reason why I bought this denim dress from Forever 21 is it just fit in all the right places! It was like bells starting ringing when I pulled the zipper up on this dress, and looked in the mirror; it was perfect! Also, the first denim dress I owned rode up, and I was always worrying if my butt was hanging out ahaha. The second reason why I bought this dress is because it does NOT ride up. The third reason is it’s only $27!

I bought this entire outfit at Forever 21, so super affordable!! I found the belt a while ago, but luckily Lulu’s has a similar one, that looks exactly like it! Also, the grey suede booties were found on clearance, so unfortunately I couldn’t find the exactly ones. I did link similar items for both of them though!

Awkward Fall Weather

Because I live in New Jersey, that means those awkward hot/cold days. This morning was absolutely beautiful with a chilly breeze, and by 12 it was 84 degrees, sweating my a$$ off, and my curls fell completely out because of how humid it was! Pairing long sleeves and dresses together are the perfect outfit for those fall days where its hot/cold, and you are not quite sure what to wear!

I hope y’all enjoy!

xo, N


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