Holiday Gift Guide For Any Man In Your Life

I can’t be the only person who never has any clue what to get my man, father, brothers, grandfather etc in my family?! In my opinion, women are always easier to shop for!

It definitely is a love/hate relationship with trying to come up with awesome gift ideas for all the guys in my family, so I put together this Holiday Gift Guide to help y’all out in case you have the same problem!


  1. Original Grain The Barrel 47mm Watch 

This definitely was my favorite gift I got for my boyfriend this year! I actually ended up getting him this for our 4 year anniversary, and always like getting him something a little more sentimental on our anniversary! Not only did he need a watch, but there is also more to this gift than just a beautiful watch! This watch is made out of reclaimed American Oak barrels that were once used to store bourbon whiskey for up to 4 years! I thought this was perfect since my boyfriend’s favorite drink in the world is whiskey! But wait theres more! For every watch sold, 10 trees are planted! This just topped off the gift, since my boyfriend is really into environmental sustainability, wildlife, etc. It is such a unique gift to get any man in your family/life, and I can guarantee not everyone will have this gift, which makes it more special.


2. Engraved Whiskey Glasses

I got this exact set for my boyfriend Cash for Christmas last year, and he loved it! I ended getting his monogram, and it came out great! Not only did they come out great, but by buying from Etsy you are supporting a small business, which in my opinion is way better than buying from big businesses! This is a universal gift, and is a perfect gift for any man in your life!


3. Nintendo NES Classic Edition 

This Nintendo gaming system is such a throwback for any 90s kids! I actually got this gift for Christmas, and I thought it would be a perfect unique gift for your brother or boyfriend! It it so much fun to play individually or together with others, and brings back so many amazing memories from my childhood!


4. Black Rifle Coffee Company 

I don’t know if receiving coffee as a gift is weird or not, but to be honest I’d freaking love it!! ahaha This coffee was another gift to my boyfriend for Christmas, and he loved it, and ended up buying more! They’re an American company that is veteran owned! There are two specific types of coffee that send proceeds to support our military and law enforcement. I love gifts that are not only special for the person who is receiving it, but it also gives back to others or does something good for this world.


5. Whiskey-Flavored Chocolate

I always like getting small gifts that remind me of someone, whether they are gag gifts, or just a little something that reminds me of a specific person. I was in Target shopping for Christmas ornaments when I came across this while I was actually on the phone with my boyfriend Cash, and thought it would be perfect for him! There are three different chocolate bars that come in this trio that are all different flavors of whiskey. The three different flavors are Scottish Whiskey Chocolate, Bourbon Whiskey Chocolate, and Honey Whiskey Chocolate. This is just a perfect small little gift for any man who’s favorite happy hour choice is whiskey!



Cash and I are actually exchanging gifts the first week of December, because that is when we will see each other in December, and it’s our 4 year anniversary! So, I had to do a ton of Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving even came!

I hope this gave y’all some inspiration on what to get all the men in your life for the holidays this year!! I hope y’all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and are excited for the holiday season this year!


xo, N