Essentials For Perfect Gift Wrapping


1. Wrapping Paper

No brainer ahaha. When it comes to buying wrapping paper, first figure out what type of theme/color scheme you are going for. For me it was neutrals/rustic/boho (which is my style basically in everything). I chose 4 different wrapping papers that I got all from Home Goods! They all complimented each other, but still brought in the specific theme I wanted. My favorite one I chose has to be the pine tree patterned one!

2. Ribbon/String

These were a $1…A DOLLAR! I found all three of these strings from the $1-$5 section in Target! (if you don’t know what section that is, YOU ARE NOT LIVING). I got 3 different strings, because I didn’t know whether I was going to use the gold, red, or green one. Also, I wouldn’t be too upset if I didn’t use all of them, since they were only a dollar each!

3. Gift Tags

I’m pretty sure this is a no brainer as well! These are essential, so you know who the hell to give which gift to!! I’m super against tacky Christmas wrapping, but that is where Target comes in handy! Their Christmas line with Sugar Paper is so stinkin’ adorable, so that is where I got my gift tags from! They are super simple, but still bring in the neutral/gold vibe that I was going for!

4. Add Ons/Special Touches

This has to be my favorite thing I chose to do for my wrapping this year! It just makes the presents so much more personable than just wrapping them with paper!

I got the bundle of the glittered pine from Michaels! This was a perfect touch to add more of the rustic theme into my gift wrapping. I absolutely love how this looked on some of the presents, and was like the cherry on top!


My favorite thing I did was add new and old Polaroid photos onto some of the presents! This not only is a unique way of saying who the present is for, but it also is a great way to bring back some old memories into your presents! For my anniversary gift I gave Cash, I put one of the first pictures we ever took together on it, so bring back memories of us first meeting in college! This is perfect opportunity to put old baby pictures, and pictures of you, your family/siblings when you were younger!

Since I don’t have a polaroid camera, I just took the picture and added a polaroid border around it on! Super easy to do!

I hope this gives y’all some ideas on how to make your gifts look like a professional wrapped them, but they didn’t, you did! 😉

I have a vlog of me wrapping gifts on my Youtube channel, if y’all want to check it out, ill leave the link right here 🙂


xo, N