Every time someone I know sees my Instagram pictures, the same response happens “OMG who takes your pictures?! They’re amazing!” And when I respond “I do” they are shocked ahahah

It is absolutely possible to take your own professional photos, whether it’s for photography reasons, or YouTube, blog, & Instagram purposes, like me! If I can do it, you can do it too! It definitely was a learning curve for me to learn camera settings, shooting in raw, Lightroom editing, camera angles, getting over my fear of shooting in public etc, but I will share my tips that I have learned along the way to help make it a little easier for you!


1. A Tripod Will Be Your Best Friend

Nothing would be possible if it wasn’t for my “instagram boyfriend” aka my tripod! My actual boyfriend has taken some of my photos when we are together, but we are long distance, so I had to find an alternate solution! If you don’t have anyone to take your pictures, than a tripod makes it easy for you to do it yourself! It allows you to keep the camera focused and steady, and you can adjust the tripod’s height how ever you like your shots to be!

Yes, it is a tad awkward to be in public with a huge tripod and a dslr camera, while people are staring at you, BUT if you are serious about this and want professional photos you will make it work! I’ve honestly learned and have gotten so use to it, that I just drown the people around me out, and just focus on getting the shot right!

2. Wireless Remote Control

This is the 2nd must have! I am fortunate to have a camera with a wifi option that can be hooked up to my phone with an app, so I can see what I am doing and take the picture from my phone! On the other hand, before I got my fancy shmancy camera, I used a wireless remote control to focus all of my shots, and take the picture for me! This will make it so much easier for you, because it will you to stand in frame, while it focuses you in, and takes the shot for you! There are remotes that are specifically for Canon, Nikon, and DSLR cameras, and they are less than $10 on amazon!

Here are few to look at!:

Canon Remote Control with Carrying Case

Amazon DSLR Remote


3. Be Confident

I have to admit, it is way easier and so much less awkward when you have a person taking your pictures in public versus using a tripod and doing it yourself. Yes, I would much rather have my boyfriend take them for me, but I’ve had to learn how to be confident in public. Yes, I’ve had people honk at me while passing, stop, stand, and watch me while I’m taking pictures like they’ve never seen a camera before, and quite frankly it can just be very awkward, and I’m already a pretty awkward girl! ahaha.

Like I said before, once you drown out the people around you, and stop thinking about all the people staring at you, it will not only make the time go by quicker, but it will make the photo 10x better! When I feel awkward, I look awkward in photos, so just act natural, and have fun with it!


4. Plan and Practice Before Shooting

Shooting pictures will become way easier, and take less time when you already know what locations and poses you want to do in advance. I always practice different poses in the mirror before I go shoot, because different outfits look better with different poses, and also doing the same poses over and over again get boring and repetitive! Don’t be afraid to switch it up, have fun in your shots, while referring back to #3! I have to admit, I do have my go-to poses for shooting, but I’m still learning to switch them up from time to time!


5. Locations

I’ve had trouble with this category more than a few times! I’ve chosen not to shoot in specific spots or areas, because A it would be so difficult to set up a tripod, and B it would be too crowded. I certainly don’t ever want my camera to get broken, or sometimes I just say screw it, and I take pictures of myself, while my camera is in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge! 😂

As a result of not having someone taking my pictures all the time, I have to think about my location choices more. I try to decide which spot would be easiest for me to shoot in with a tripod. So this would also be useful if you aren’t ready to fully commit to shooting in public around people yet! You can decide to shoot in a more private area to A have your tripod and equipment be safe, and B you warming up to the idea of shooting your own photos. Here are a list of great secluded places that would be perfect for shooting at:

  • a park with lots of trees and greenery
  • a white or red brick wall/side of a building, which I still use all the time!
  • a grungy back alley where not a lot of people walk (please make sure it is a safe area by the way!)
  • hiking trails
  • a secluded beach
  • anywhere outdoorsy really! 🌲
  • your own home! I’ve taken several pictures of mine in my own bedroom!

Use your imagination, and get creative! Some of my best shoots have been shot in the weirdest places; its all about composition!


6. Editing

Editing will make or break the photo, in my opinion! There are several different options when it comes to picture editing, but I currently edit all my pictures using Lightroom. For a majority of my blogging/YouTube career I used the app VSCO to edit all my pictures, which worked really well, but recently I started using Lightroom! I like Lightroom, because you can adjust specific colors in the pictures, and really customize each photo to your liking.




I certainly am not a professional photographer, but I am trying my best to learn the ways of such an amazing art! There is so much to learn about photography, and it truly has been a fun rollercoaster learning about photography, and everything that comes with it! I hope this post helped anybody who is interested in starting photography, whether it’s in fashion, lifestyle, travel or anything really, or just for someone who wants to step up their Instagram game a little more! Let me know if you have any questions about my equipment, lighting, etc!


xo, N


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